With the winter season comes freezing temperatures and often times SNOW. As fun as snow is, it can also cause headaches and issues with the operation of your gates when you are not prepared. Just like putting winter tires on your vehicles there are some proactive steps and maintenance that can be utilized to prevent such headaches from occurring.

TIP #1:

Lets start off simple and obvious. When the snow falls, before it freezes or builds up too high, clear the area around the gate and the areas that the gate travels. This will prevent snow/ice build up causing obstructions often making the gate malfunction.

TIP #2

Sometimes however, even when you clear the gate of snow there is already ice build up. If this ice is on the gate and the mechanical parts this can cause the motor unit to jam, or cause the ‘limits’ to not operate properly; forcing the system into a fail safe mode and stop working. The best course of action is to boil some water (kettle is always easiest) and then pour that hot water over the motor unit/the rack & pinion/the rollers/and the limits. This will help free up all the moving parts and saves you from having to call companies like us to come and do the same but charging a service call.

TIP #3

If you know in advance that a large snowfall is coming and you want to avoid the headaches altogether and not have to deal with the gate in the snow, then simply plan ahead and keep the gate in the open position by manually moving it and keeping it disengaged. This way whether it freezes, snow blocks it or whatever the outcome might be, you are not trapped within your own driveway. This solution is the simplest but not always viable if you have children & pets or looking for security.

Bottom line is pay attention and be prepared. Sometimes the simplest action can help prevent major headaches that you don’t want to have to be dealing with first thing in the morning.

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